Mailmaster Letterboxes


Turbon’s diversified interest stems to Mailmaster Letterboxes. Electronic Mail (email) may be the in-thing today, but traditional mailboxes will always be necessary and a great symbol for communication. We have a striking line of mailboxes. Regardless of where you live, we have the mailbox that will suit your home.

Mailmaster Letterboxes offers a range of over 40 different styles of mailboxes. Specialising in both domestic and commercial our range of mailboxes range from Powder Coated Aluminium to the highest grade Exterior Ply timber boxes and have been exported to as far away as Japan and the U.K.

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Pouring Molten Aluminium into Moulds to make Roofs for the Alpine Letterbox.


Just one of the many processes in making Letterboxes is the Pressing out of Aluminium Components

Mailmaster Letterboxes has a long history of manufacturing letterboxes extending back to over 20 years.
* Quality
* Australian Made
* Leaders in Design

Mailmaster Letterboxes
39 Cavendish Rd Coorparoo
Qld Australia
Ph 1300 794555
Fax (07) 3245 3983