Brass Hemispheres

Turbon spins Brass just like it’s Butter – 300mm hemispheres made from solid 1.2mm thick brass and destined to become a part of some very special light fittings.

Specialised Copper Cookware

Turbon Manufactures Specialised Copper Cookware for Commercial Kitchens –

Nothing beats copper cookware for beating egg whites or melting sugars. Copper cookware is like the Rolls-Royce of all pots and pans!  Not only is it aesthetically appealing, it is the ultimate conductor of heat! A copper pan will heat up quickly and evenly along the bottom, walls and edges with no hotspots or uneven heating. This means the top of the pan will be as hot as the bottom so your food heats and cooks evenly. To give you an idea, copper has a thermal conductivity (i.e. ability to conduct heat) that is TWICE that of aluminium (which is considered a good conductor of heat anyway) and almost 20 TIMES that of stainless steel!

Our Diversity just Stepped it Up a Notch

Turbon now boasts having an in-house Fibre Laser Cutter using the nLight Laser Source (USA) so cutting Copper Brass and Aluminium as well as your Stainless and Steel based metals has become a breeze. Along with our other CNC technologies, Metal Spinning and Routing and as well as having a fully optioned machine shop we can maintain most of our processes in house. You are Limited only by your Imagination.

Turbon’s diversified interest.

Blue Sun Poles were chosen to supply the road lighting poles for a major highway project in P.N.G. Comprising over 250 poles fitted with double outreach arms and foundation systems these poles were engineered and manufactured for a tough environment and supplied within a tight delivery time frame of 8 weeks.

We had these poles manufactured by our supplier in Wuxi which is about 2 hours outside of Shanghai in China. Based on a tight relationship formed with this manufacturer over many years the issues associated  with quality control had become a thing of the past.