Limited only by your Imagination

Manufacturing in; Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Steels (Including coated steels) Stainless Steels, Monel and Exotic Metals, Precious Metals.

Hot Air Balloons

Theming features for special events and venues.

Ice Buckets

Promotion Ice Buckets

Sink Bowls

Sink, Vanity and Splash Bowls in Stainless, Copper and Brass

Specialised Manufacture

Specialised Metal Fabrication

Manifold Rams

Air Rams a.k.a. Velocity Stacks

Creative Light Fittings

Lighting Components, Reflectors, Canopies, Shades and Housings

Bell Mouth

Bell Mouths, Venturi’s, Duct Rings


Gold, Silver, Pewter as well as Mirror Stainless and Brass

Such a Specialised Skill

You will see by all the images the diversity of our product and component manufacture.  Metal spinning was used extensively in the manufacture of cookware and in the lighting industry however, with the advent of new technologies, and due to the “difficulties” associated with this trade it is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Unlike other technologies, the modern technology of metal spinning still requires much more than an understanding of CNC programming, it requires a skilled metal spinner.  The most successful CNC spinning machines are based on “teach and play” technology, this is similar to how in some cases robotic spray painting of cars has a spray painter lead the robots arm in painting a car and for his strokes to be recorded and replayed.